Molecular Vista PiFM webcast

Molecular Vista are holding a live web cast on Tuesday, January 26th at 11am EST | 8am PST | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET 

PiFM – Hyperspectral “Nano FT-IR” Imaging.” 
The webcast will introduce photo-induced force microscopy which, as readers of this blog will know is “a nanoscale IR spectroscopy/microscopy technique based on atomic force microscopy (AFM). It can produce topography, chemical maps, and IR absorption spectra with sub-10 nm spatial resolution, minimal sample preparation requirements and without inducing damage.”
After a brief introduction to the technique, a few application examples from biopharma and material research will be shared. 


All documents finalised, scrutinised and checked by our deadline of Friday 20th. Just waiting for one more letter of support and then we can push the big red SUBMIT button!

Our first deadline met. Now for the next.

We submitted a complete draft for internal review at lunchtime on Friday 13th as hoped. We’ve already had positive feedback so now its a question of dotting i’s and crossing t’s before our final deadline of Friday 20th.

The deadline approaches

The absolute deadline is 26th November but the University needs a few days to check everything over. So that means ~ 20th. But the team also need time to reflect on the whole submission. So our team deadline is Friday 13th.

Support from Prof Paula Mendes

One of the areas we plan to look at is the quantification of PiFM data, and for that, we need robust, reproducible and quantifiable surfaces. We are thrilled therefore that our good friend Paula has volunteered to help us. Prof Paula Mendes is a former EPSRC Leadership fellow specializing in engineering functional surfaces.

Huge support for the project confirmed this week

The Catalysis Hub has sent us a very nice letter of support confirming that they will help us promote the facility amongst the UK’s catalysis community. Making our mark in such an active community is going to be tough though!

Deregallera Ltd has also written, offering substantial support amounting to ~£100k in the form of a studentship and guaranteed booking of the instrument. We have worked with the team at Deregallera before and we are delighted that our collaboration will continue.

The School of Chemistry at Cardiff is offering unqualified support for the project; at a time when all the University’s departments are very short of cash, they have offered to fund Prof Davies’ and Dr. Morgan’s time on the project. We are amazingly grateful for their faith in this project.

Support is building

Very useful discussions with the Rosalind Franklin Institute and with the Henry Royce Institute. I think we will have their support for our application