The TRH is looking better and better

Another drone video showing how far the TRH has progressed in the last few weeks. I know we have to wait until next year but I’m getting really excited about the prospect of moving in!

Bouyges’ latest drone footage of the SPARK and TRH buildings
Fantastic labs!

We also have some exciting photos from the interior of the TRH showing the facilities that will underpin the PiFM.

with at bench extraction
Two of the office spaces

PiFM is coming to Cardiff!

EPSRC have let us know informally that our application for establishing a PiFM facility at Cardiff has been approved! Now the hard work begins!

Now we wait……..

The interview seemed to go well on Wednesday, the panel asked some good questions but I think the team was well prepared. Now we just have to wait!

Business man waiting for a call.

While we are waiting, here is a recent photo of the CCI labs that are being developed in the new TRH. A lot of research to which the PiFM could contribute will be developed in these labs. (In case you are wondering, neither of the people in the photo are part of our PiFM team – yet!)

TRH update & the interview!

Watch a drone flyby of the TRH building in the latest update from the construction team. Hear about the latest milestones passed and most excitingly from PiFM’s point of view, the installation of the keel slab for the microscopy unit in the next couple of weeks. They are finishing the ceilings and other decorations in that wing too.

Meanwhile, the interview approaches! Wish us luck for our discussions with the Strategic Equipment Allocation committee on Wednesday 28th at 11 am.🤞

Practice, practice, practice

We’ve had a few quiet weeks while we wait for the formal interview on 28th April, but don’t think we’ve been sitting on our hands! The team has been thinking about the interview and practicing our answers.

Reflecting on everything, we are more convinced than ever that we have an excellent proposal that will contribute significantly to UK science.

The referees’ comments are in!

The first three referee comments have arrived and they are all very supportive. We are particularly delighted that they ALL recognise the potential of the PiFM facility in Cardiff to create internationally competitive science. It’s a big challenge to write a comprehensive account of the science that a technique like PiFM can offer in limited space, and we were genuinely concerned that the exciting science we plan was not covered in enough detail. Happily, our referees have read the proposal very carefully and understood the case we were trying to make. We are very grateful for their efforts.